A Conversation with Jenny Ming

    Conscious Snob chatted with Jenny Ming this past weekend over Sprinkles cupcakes for a sweet bite of career and lifestyle advice from the former Old Navy President and current Kaiser Foundation Board Director.

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Whole Foods Ditches Plastic for Earth Day Goodness!

It's Earth Day today and what better way to show your green conscience than to ditch wasteful plastic bags for better ...

featuredimage Take a Step Towards Better Health

As Carrie Bradshaw states beautifully, "Shopping is my cardio." While I try to visit the mall every week, my wallet ...

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Things to contemplate before switching your career! It used to be that a person, through hard work and determination, could rise ...

featuredimage Tammy Fender - Organic Skincare

I recently heard about Tammy Fender through a client I worked with. She was in her late fifties and had ...

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Natalie Portman is known for her charitable causes and has teamed with Te Casan to create her very first collection ...

featuredimage The Ultimate Moisturizer

Crème de la Mer contains rich ingredients that leave your skin feeling soft, smooth, and moisturized. I have been using Crème ...

Conscious Fashion

Go Green With Hot Jewelry

Josie Maran teams with Robyn Rhodes to promote Earth Week.

The Elegance of DVF

Diane von Furstenberg is probably the ultimate designer in wrap dresses and silk gowns. Her designs compliment all body types, making every woman…

Conscious Beauty

Forever Eyeliner

Aqua Eyes is an eyeliner that is water and smudgeproof. You can even draw patterns on your body for an instant tattoo!

Nothing Like a Blue Mud Mask

I swear by H20 Plus’ Sea Mineral Mud Mask. It’s easy to use, gentle to the skin, and has great results! Get a 15% off with code 175201 at www.h2oplus.com.

Conscious Money

Retirement Starts NOW

Retirement requires early planning, so start now. Creating a Roth IRA early can mean large rewards when you are older.

Save, Save, Save

Personally, I know saving money is hard, especially when there are such beautiful things out there screaming to come home with me. However, it is absolutely critical that we all have some sort of savings plan for an emergency, a trip, a house, or a new car.

Better Food

Relishing Recipes for the Refined and the Reluctant

Here are a few websites that are great sources for both pompous chefs and tyro sandwich-makers.

Breakfast Rocks!

Having something substantial in the morning can get you geared up for the hectic day ahead of you.

Better Pastimes

Adventures with Mo Mo: Take-away Training Tidbits

Prior to adopting my dog, Mo Mo, the only pet I’ve ever had was a goldfish that lived for about three weeks! We both have our little idiosyncrasies, but we’re slowly compromising thanks to a few training tidbits my trainer passed on to me.

Donate Rice With a Mouthful of Words!

In the form of a simple vocabulary challenge, FreeRice engages its users by rewarding grains of rice to third world countries for every definition users correctly pick. It allows us to test our vocabulary and do a good deed at the same time!